Since I reached 1,500+ followers the other day I have decided to hold another giveaway !!

How will this giveaway work out?

There will be three winners. The first winner gets to pick two of the four games on the list here and the second winner gets to pick one of the two games left and the third winner gets the remaining game. 

I shall pick the winners by pulling random numbers like most people seem to do.

Are there any rules?

  • Does NOT have to follow me (but feel free to check out my blog if you enjoy tf2, mgs and other cool games and also sloths and birds) 
  • Reblog as many times as you want idc 
  • Likes doesn’t count. Sorry! 
  • No giveaway blogs! I will make sure to check. 
  • Gotta have a steam account
  • Love sloths

Anything else?

I might add some extra thing if you are a follower from before but since I can’t really put more money into this it will probably be a drawing or something. I’ll probably update this once I have decided 

When will the winner be picked?

!! AUGUST 18th 2014 !!



Hey guys.

I need your help. My parents have decided to no longer feed me. They think this will motivate me to get a job, but obviously that won’t make someone hire me. I’ve been job hunting non stop for a year now and i’ve only had two interviews so far, so it’s not like i’m…



I think my dad heard me crying cause he just cracked open my door and slid a piece of cake on the floor into my room



Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u


i wonder how people describe me when they’re talking about me to someone who’s never met me

Top 20 Characters (as voted by my followers) → #19 (1/2): Haruhi Fujioka

"Why should I care about appearances and labels anyway? I mean all that really matters is what’s on the inside, right?"


"female masturbation is a myth"

"girls shouldn’t touch themselves. that’s gross"

"girls don’t think about sex as much as guys do"



did i allow u to have fun without me

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Hemlock Grove; Naruto; Sailor Moon

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Non-Stop; Devil's Due; Haunter; The Fault in Our Stars; How to Train Your Dragon 2

Haha, meow.

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